Osama ahmed el far

design director | Partner

Osama has more than 20 years of experience in the Architectural practice in Egypt, United Arab Emirates and the State of Qatar. Over this period, He has designed buildings and structures of varying categories thereby gaining exposure to master planning, restoration designs, landscaping, interior designing etc. His special interests and skills are in designing large-scale urban developments, high-rise Towers, Mosques, Residential Complexes, and Landscape Architecture.

A part from Architectural Designing, he is skilled in all aspects of Project Management and this enables him to handle projects independently from the initial to the final stage.

He has been involved with a variety of high-profile projects in International locations. He has several successful open competition entry first prize wins amongst his portfolio works such as:

  1. Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club competition
  2. Master Plan for housing District in Alain City, UAE
  3. Abu Dhabi accountability Authority Headquarters competition.
  4. National Consultative Council Headquarters competition, Abu Dhabi (5) Abu Dhabi Breakwater 100 Luxury Villas
  5. Abu Dhabi Breakwater, Marina City 24 Residential Towers G+50 +mixed used district
  6. Alsadd Development Project (4 Office Towers (B+G+M+20), 5 residential Buildings and Club house
  7. Sh. Eid Bin Mohd. Charity Association HQ Building in Doha
  8. Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry Headquarter, Grand Hamad St,Doha, State of Qatar
  9. Aljazeera Office Building, Aljazeera Channel, Doha, Qatar

Project Experience

01 Al Quds Tower

Location : West Bay , Doha, Qatar

Area : 130,000.00 square meters

Client : Private Engineering Office.


02 West Bay Tower

Location : West Bay , Qatar

Area : 60,000.00 square meters

Client : M.O.I.


03 Al Majed Tower

Location : West Bay , Doha, Qatar

Area : 63,300.00 square meters

Client : Al Majed Group


04 Cornish Tower

Location : Doha Cornish, Qatar

Area : 32,000.00 square meters

Client : Mr. Fahd Alfardan


05 M.O.I. Tower

Location : West Bay , Qatar

Area : 64,200.00 square meters

Client : M.O.I.


06 Cornish Twin Tower

Location : West Bay, Qatar

Area : 80,000.00 square meters

Client :Borooj Trading


07 AlsaadDevelopment -2

Location :Alsaad, Doha, Qatar

Area : 130,200.00 sq.m.

Client : QREIC


08 BMW Towers

Location : Bin Mahmoud, Doha, Qatar

Area : 80,600.00 square meters

Client :Alfardan Automobiles


09 Marina City

Location : Abu Dhabi Marina

Client : National Investment Company


10 AlsaadDevelopment

Location :Shk. Suhaim Bin Hamad Street

Area : 267,000.00 sq.m.

Client : QREIC


11 Aljazeera Office Building

Location : Doha, Qatar

Area : 9,200.00 sq.m.

Client : Aljazeera Channel


12 Qatar Chamber of Commerce

Location : Grand Hamad Avenue,

Area : 22,500.00 sq.m.

Client : Qatar chamber of commerce


13 Bin Mahmoud Complex

Location : Bin Mahmoud , Doha, Qatar

Area : 40,000.00 sq.m.

Client : Mr. Issa Bin Ghanim.


14 Grand Mosque

Location :WadiAlSail , Qatar

Area : 150,000.00 sq.m.

Client : State of Qatar


15 Qatar Pearle Mosque

Location : Qatar Pearl , Qatar

Area : 31,800.00 sq.m.

Client : U.D.C.


16 Mosque at Abu Dhabi.

Location : Abu Dhabi

Area : 31,800.00 sq.m.

Client : Abu Dhabi Municipality.


17 Merqab Street Development

Location : Al Merqabst, AlNasr, Doha, Qatar

Area : 151,600.00 sq.m.

Client : H.B.J.


18 Entertainment Island –Lusail

Location :Lusail, Qatar

Client : Qatar Diyar