Private School Design Competition

    Doha - Qatar

    After receiving the well defined project requirements from the Client; we insisted on creating a creative design to ensure that each student shall consider their daily visit to the school to become a enthusiastic journey which emphasizes their educational experience. State of the art technologies within the facility shall also highly assist this philosophy but the conceptual idea of the floating building shall encourage students to enjoy their daily practice. One of our main goals was to ensure that we considered the QSAS and LEED requirements by emphasizing the use of landscape all around the plot giving a spectacular view to all people passing by in addition to the users of the buildings. As a mixed international school we followed the international requirements for such a facility and understood the do’s and don’ts of the field.

    Having a modern contemporary design based on having a transparent façade embracing the interaction between both the inner and outside boundaries of the facility.  The external façade of the building provides a feel to all the viewers that its lightweight and provides a relaxing sensation and makes viewers understand that the intellectual systems used shall ensure that this schools state of the art program becomes a leader for others to follow.

     This Green sustainable atmosphere shall assist students from the KG1 level up to the higher levels to explore the different paths of education in an atmosphere of relaxation and feel secure. The floating breathtaking concept shall assist differentiating this school from the rest and embrace the competitiveness between students.

    The Tarsheed school is creates a prototypical and sustainable school whereas it shall be the first of its kind. The design incorporates a variety of passive and active environmental strategies used as a test bed or the sustainable technologies that will be explored for implementation in future schools. The schools classrooms and facilities are oriented to shade both the adjacent buildings and the pedestrian streets below and the facades are also self shading.

    The building therefore provides a design that allows for the potential for the different types of learning and teaching. On another note while designing the project we allowed for future expansion to become an easy transition whereas the grid can accept several new future buildings to be added without affecting the overall design. This masterpiece shall be considered as a new method of expediting the teaching progress within the years that students stay in the facility and embrace them for future goals and career paths.

    We ensured that our design highlights the importance of creating an environment that uplifts the spirit and provides an attractive place to reside with the shaded paths, lively active public squares, private courtyards and an overall closely knit facility. IT has to reinforce a belief in the future, and reiterate the fact that people do not need to be penalized to be sustainable, while reestablishing the strengths of the areas heritage using the modernity of the contemporary world ….. a livable sustainable community.

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